Play by Ear

One of life's little ironies is that many people learn to play music by exerising their vision and can fluently read sheet music. Learning to play by ear is simply the exercising of the ears to fluenty hear music. Both methods require the same amount of effort. However learning by ear has this myth surrounding it that says you must be a genius level prodigy in order to learn by ear.

The three steps to learning by ear.

  1. Throw out the sheet music. You can not exercsise your ear if you use your eyes as a crutch.
  2. Learn and practice slowly. Get an app that lets you slow down the music.
  3. Break the music down. Start out with just one bar. As your ear gets stronger you can expand the amount of bars you can digest.

The first song you try to learn by ear is going to make this process seem very labor intensive. But I assure you that if keep trying the speed with which you learn a song will become faster and eventually surpass your sight reading skills.

Like many things in life learning by ear is neither easy nor hard. Instead it's a direct reflection of how much effort you put in to it.